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Welcome to "Conversations with Bucky"!

  "I thought that Synergetics might allow humanity at large to discover what its options really are"

       R. Buckminster Fuller to E.J  Applewhite, Cosmic Fishing 1977


In order to facilitate this discovery, I am uploading 42 hours of Bucky's "Everything I Know" sessions recorded in Philly in 1975. These videos are available to all human beings online or by download upon request (see below), to use for the betterment of mankind. Everyone is invited to participate in the following ways:



Best of Bucky - Is my compilation of 2 to 10 minute video segments of RBF on the topics of Love, Death, Vanity, Integrity, The Eccentricity of Life, Only the Impossible Happens and The Lord's Prayer.  View these videos, engage in a conversation on this wiki site, add new videos and expand the Best of Bucky.


Conversations With Bucky. The videos on this page are my attempt to generate a dialogue between an 11-year-old and Bucky, covering various topics such as: Precession, Education, and the JitterBug model. View these videos, engage in a conversation on this wiki site, add new videos and expand the "Conversations With Bucky".


"Everything I Know", 42 hours of unedited Buckminster Fuller, Philly, PA, Janurary 20th, 1975 Outline by AJ Applewhite


Press conference between  Buckminster Fuller and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 1971


For a very cool "house music" Track with Bucky in the Background check out



As "Monty Python" used to say "And Now for Something Completely Differnt"



Tape 1a

Tape 1b

Tape 1c 

Tape 2a

Tape 2b

Tape 3a

Tape 3b

Tape 4a

Tape 4b

Tape 5a

Tape 5b 

Tape 6a

Tape 6b

Tape 7a

Tape 7b 

Tape 7c-8a

Tape 8b

Tape 8c-9a

Tape 9b

Tape 10a

Tape 10b

Tape 11a

Tape 11b 

Tape 12a

Tape 12b

Tape 13a

Tape 13b

Tape 14a

Tape 14b

Tape 15a

Tape 15b

Tape 16a


Tape 17a

Tape 17b

Tape 18a

Tape 18b

Tape 18c

Tape 19a

Tape 19b

Tape 20a

Tape 20b

Tape 21 a

Tape 21b






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