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Outline by AJ Applewhite

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Outline by A.J Applewhite from the Audio Tapes

Tape 1a

  •  Born Naked, Ignorant

          Programmed urges

          No words

          Rate of Information multiplying during one lifetime

          Hummanity is emerging into a new relationship with Universe

  •  Womb of Permitted Ignorance

          Divided Humanity vs. Totality of humanity

          RBF's father's trip to Buenos Aires and India

  •  Kipling: East is East

          1895: Marconi; 1906: wireless: 1898 electron

           Paper darts - impossible to fly

          RBF age 23: voice radio

          RBF age 38: experimental TV

          RBF age 45: First TV

  •  "Natural" used to mean inherently remote as groups

           First automobiles unreliable

  •  Lindbergh Flight: Allegra's baby carriage: Alexandra

          Airplane more normal than bird

          Large pattern changes not anticipated

  •  World Awareness of Mutual Troubles

          If nature permits it, It is Natural 

Tape 1b

  • Review of How  I Self-Discipline Myself to DO My Own Thinking

          (Slide: Galaxy) Orion's Belt. Betelguese

          10 mile aberration vs. 8,000-mile Earth

          Man Invisible on polished stell globe

          Nebula expanding at 3,000,000 miles per hour

          11 1/2 billion mile spherical information sweep out

  • Brain vs. Mind

          Regularities of astronomical orbits

          calculating periodicities

          Roman numerals vs. Arabic

          Abacus: No Sheep: Cipher: Secrecy

          Navigator priests. Temporal power

  • Coprenicus & Tycho Brahe

          Pie-shaped sweep-out of equal areas

  • Newton: First and second laws

          Planetary relations "between" and not "of"

  • Sequence of Unpreductions
  • Generalized Principle

          A Priori design of Universe

Tape 2a

  • Society Content with Parts and Specialization

           "Syn" is the integrating perfix

           Review: Unpredicted Sequence

           Synergry of Synergies

  • Three Synergetic Strategies:

          (A) Triangle, Side & Angle: Right Traingles

          (B) Constant relative abundance of lines, areas and crossings

          Eluer. Working from teh whole to the parts

          All visual experiences may be reduced to faces, lines and areas (plus the number 1)

          But a surface is polyhedral (ergo, plus the number 2) 

          Coring and constant relative abundance

          (c) Phase Rule: Wilard Gibbs

          Third Syngertic strategy works from the whole 

          Building block system of eduction

  • Universe

          All definations must be experiential

          Eddington: Mach

          Boole: Reductio ad absurdum

          Eisentein dismissal of metaphysical

          Physical is energy

          Brownian movement

          Priestley: Lavoisier

Tape 2b 

  • Steam Engine > Ship > Integrated Resources of

          Earth > WaterOcean World > Wealth Patronage of Science

          > Royal Society

  • Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Instant Universe: Roemer
  • Big Dipper

          Live shows taking place 75, 100, & 200 years ago at 

          6 1/2 trillion miles a year: Andromeda 1,000,000 years ago

  • Scenario

          Partially overlapping

          Boltzmann pulsing

  • Rubber Glove


  • Single Frame


          Physical & Metaphysical

  • Structure

          Fourness & Sixness

Tape 3a


          Triangle as minimum polygon

          Angle is an angle independent of the length of its edges

          Conceptuality independent of size

          Grand Strategy of thinking

          Understanding is structural

          Pattern stabilization = triangle

  • Tetrahedron

          Angular takeouts: 720 degrees

          greek sphere : Invalid definition

          Platonic solids : Cheeze polyhedra

          Cube vs, Dodecahedron vs. tetrahedron

          Empty sizeless tetrahedron



Tape 3b

  • Grand Strategy of Problem Solving

          There prime structual systemsL Tetra, Octa & Icosa




          Arithmetical Accounting

          XYZ Coordinates: Quadrant in center of octahedron

  • Chart of Tetrahedral Powering

          Second powering L squaring & cubing

  • Vector Equilibrium


  • Visible Steam vs. Invisible Electromagnetics 

          GAP Between Science & The Humanities

          CP Snow

          Science "blind flying on instruments"

          Nature has no separate departments

Tape 4a

  • Precession
  •  Leav ing Vectorial Geometry and Going to The Largest

           Pattern Intertrandformability

  • Mercator Map
  • Dymaxion Water Ocean World
  • Outlaw area: sovergins & priates   
  • Dymaxion Airocean World: World War II
  • Popuulation

          Man Inherently integrated vs. inherently divided

  • Man Born Ignorant        

          100,000 : words tools in the dictionary

          Grand Strategy of Problem Solving

          Why are Humans here?

          Humans are here for Problem solving

          Sun is saying "Earth Has Not Paid the Bill"


January 21, 1975 Session 2














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