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Tape 1b

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Tape 1b






  • Review of How  I Self-Discipline Myself to DO My Own Thinking

          (Slide: Galaxy) Orion's Belt. Betelguese

          10 mile aberration vs. 8,000-mile Earth

          Man Invisible on polished stell globe

          Nebula expanding at 3,000,000 miles per hour

          11 1/2 billion mile spherical information sweep out

  • Brain vs. Mind

          Regularities of astronomical orbits

          calculating periodicities

          Roman numerals vs. Arabic

          Abacus: No Sheep: Cipher: Secrecy

          Navigator priests. Temporal power

  • Coprenicus & Tycho Brahe

          Pie-shaped sweep-out of equal areas

  • Newton: First and second laws

          Planetary relations "between" and not "of"

  • Sequence of Unpredictions
    Generalized Principle
    A Priori design of Universe







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