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Tape 2a

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Tape 2a


  •  Society Content with Parts and Specialization

           "Syn" is the integrating perfix

           Review: Unpredicted Sequence

           Synergry of Synergies

          (A) Triangle, Side & Angle: Right Traingles

          (B) Constant relative abundance of lines, areas and crossings

          Eluer. Working from teh whole to the parts

          All visual experiences may be reduced to faces, lines and areas (plus the number 1)

          But a surface is polyhedral (ergo, plus the number 2) 

          Coring and constant relative abundance

          (c) Phase Rule: Wilard Gibbs

          Third Syngertic strategy works from the whole 

          Building block system of eduction

  • Universe

          All definations must be experiential

          Eddington: Mach

          Boole: Reductio ad absurdum

          Eisentein dismissal of metaphysical

          Physical is energy

          Brownian movement

          Priestley: Lavoisier

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