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Tape 4a

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Tape 4a


  • Precession
  •  Leav ing Vectorial Geometry and Going to The Largest

           Pattern Intertrandformability

  • Mercator Map
  • Dymaxion Water Ocean World
  • Outlaw area: sovergins & priates   
  • Dymaxion Airocean World: World War II
  • Popuulation

          Man Inherently integrated vs. inherently divided

  • Man Born Ignorant        

          100,000 : words tools in the dictionary

          Grand Strategy of Problem Solving

          Why are Humans here?

          Humans are here for Problem solving

          Sun is saying "Earth Has Not Paid the Bill"


January 21, 1975 Session 2


  • Review: R.B. Fuller Grand Strategy of Problem Solving
  • R.B. FUller meeting with Einstein

          New York Times Magazine - (Janunary 1, 1930)

          Article on "Cosmic Religious Sense"

          Lippincott publishers and "Nine Chains to the Moon"

          Mrs. Murphy's Horsepower

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